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          2. 中证手机报

            Airbus global delivery reaches record high of 718 in 2017

              BEIJING - Airbus has seen a new company record of 718 commercial aircraft deliveries to 85 customers worldwide in 2017, according to Airbus China Monday.
              The European aviation giant has see...

              Financial Times

            • Fed fears market misreading of guidance
            • The US Federal Reserve is keen to revamp its forward guidance about future interest rates but terrified of a market misunderstanding, according to the minutes of its September meeting


            • Asian shares rebound after Fed renews dovish credentials
            • Asian shares bounced back and the dollar fell on Thursday after minutes of the U.S. Federal Reserve's latest policy meeting showed policymakers have some concerns about downside risks to the global economy and the dol...

              USA TODAY

            • Nigeria succeeds at containing Ebola
            • People here are shaking hands again, kissing, hugging, touching. These days, shops are open, people are working, and children are finally going back to